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Tech Tips

We've seen a thing or two and are happy to share what we've learned.

  • Chris shares his maintenance tips
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    The best type of bike is a reliable bike. To help you spend more time on the bike and less time walking alongside it we’ve put together a few tips along with a few products...

  • What Bike Tools Do I Need?
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    New to cycling? Seasoned rider? We've put together a quick list of bike tools to help you either get started in maintenance or help round out your current collection of tools. Unior offers an amazing...

  • Frame Prep: Threaded Bottom Bracket Shells
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    Threaded bottom brackets are making a comeback. Here's how to make sure your frame is in tip-top shape. STEP 0: This is our shell as it came from the factory. The bike in question is...

  • How do you use a tire lever?
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    A few weeks back, at NEMBAFest, we had daily challenges that people could participate in to win various prizes from Unior Bike Tools and our friends Maxxis Tires and Stan’s No Tubes. One of those...