Tech Tips

We've seen a thing or two and are happy to share what we've learned.

  • How to clean and lubricate your chain - and what we use
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    Cleaning and lubricating a bicycle chain is an important task that can extend the life of your bike and ensure smooth and efficient performance. Here are the steps to follow: Step 1: Cleaning the Chain...

  • Disc Brake Pad Bedding In Procedure
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    A correctly functioning braking system is fundamental to the safe operation of a bicycle. If you are not confident in your ability to install your brake pads we recommend you seek the help of a...

  • A Quick and Dirty Guide to Rear Derailleur Adjustment
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    Nobody likes skipping gears, and being able to adjust yours quickly and easily will save you endless hours of headaches and frustration and queues at your local bike shop. It will however mean you’re one...

  • Replace or clean your Hollowtech II Bottom Bracket
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    While summer road miles can keep a bottom bracket singing for months on end, if you venture off the blacktop onto the dustier, muddier trails your BB is going to start kicking up a fuss...

  • Fix Disc Brake Rub

    With discs becoming the norm on many bikes now it's easy to forget that, unlike the music of Fleetwood Mac, they are sometimes imperfect. They may offer greater stopping power, modulation, and wet weather performance...

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