Fall Bike Prep

Fall Bike Prep

Occasionally we share some thoughts on riding related matters and this time we wanted to talk about prepping for the less-than-perfect weather.

It might be time to say goodbye to the dusty, dry trails of summer and the sunshine road rides that you never want to end, but there is still opportunity to have great rides. We ride all year round here at Unior USA and revel in the changing nature of our trips out on the bike.

A big part of enjoying colder, wetter and dirtier conditions is preparation. Making sure your bike is in good shape and is clean and ready for next time when that perfect day turns up is important. Take the time to lavish some attention on each bolt, all the nooks and crannies, seals, and components checking for damage but also correct operation.

Read on for 6 key points of your bike and it's maintenance to ride out the autumn and winter. 



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It sounds obvious but changing tread pattern for the conditions where you ride is super important. If you ride MTB or Gravel then pick something for wetter and muddier conditions. If you ride road then perhaps a tire with a kevlar belt to stop punctures would be wise. The extra rain on the roads encourages debris to wash around on the surface and cause punctures. Click the image above to learn how.


For October we offer a 3 for 2 deal on all Juice Lubes lines, not just the lubes. The wetter the conditions, the wetter your lube needs to be. Wet lubes are designed to stay on the chain longer when things get nasty BUT they can also attract and trap dirt so it's a balance between cleaning and lubing to keep your drivetrain in good condition. All that extra dirt out there can act like a grinding paste so it's worth taking your time over your cleaning routine.

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Bottom Brackets

BB Threads

If water gets inside your frame it might end up draining into your bottom bracket shell. Bottom brackets can take a pounding. We recommend periodic inspection for condition so pick the right tool for your model and whip it out, clean and re-install it. Nothing is more annoying than a persistent creak on an epic ride.


Bearing Press in a drawer

Bearings wear our. They just do. If you ride regularly in wet conditions then you may see accelerated wear so you might want to replace them with fresh bearings with new seals and grease. You'll need a tool to do this and here it is. Our Universal Bearing Press. If you prefer, make a visit to your local bike shop and they can help.


Pro In Your Pocket

If something goes wrong out on the trail or road, make sure you have what you need to fix it. The Multitool Euro17 gives you the most comprehensive ability top remedy most common issues. If you crash on wet leaves and the stem moves then dial it back in. If you need to get your bolt thru axles undone, again - sorted.


Brake Pads

Sinter Brake Pads

Treat yourself to new pads if yours have worn out or you simply want better performance. You'll likely experience faster wear through the wetter times of the year and ensuring your brakes are in good condition is essential. Always have a spare pair close to hand so when you inspect you can replace as required.


Thanks for reading!