Made For Work and our Multitool Pledge

Made For Work and our Multitool Pledge

Made For Work is our simple way of saying that our tools are made for real world conditions. They are designed to stand up to rigorous use, be ergonomic and comfortable to use, afford the correct mechanical leverage and perform perfectly.

Euro Multi 17

A clear example of what Made For Work stands for is shown in our Euro Multitools line.

We construct our multitools from the same high end materials as our shop grade tools. We use Chrome vanadium 4, molybdenum vanadium 52, chrome-silicon-vanadium 5 for example with a chrome and black oxide coating to ensure the spindles are the correct size for fasteners and will remain the correct size over time. While the focus of the tool is the home user, the tool is designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the professional.

With levers

 Here is our pledge - buy a Unior Euro Multitool, and if you don't love it within 30 days, we'll give you a store credit against another tool and you can keep the multitool too. Sound fair? 

Simply order yours now.