New AXS Cassette Wrench

New AXS Cassette Wrench

Take a look at our latest YouTube video where Chris shows our new AXS Cassette Wrench.

Designed as an alternative to the traditional Chain Whip, our Cassette Wrench firmly holds the cassette in place with 3 steel pins. Instead of fumbling about with a small bit of chain the tool instead simply slides over and lands itself in place, helping you to work quicker and safer.

The pins are notched to keep the tool from slipping off under the sort of torque you can deliver with a 350mm long tool.

We make 3 versions: one for cassettes with an 11 or 12t small cog, one for cassettes with a 13 or 14t small cog, and our newest version designed for SRAM AXS X-Range cassettes with a 10t cog.

You can buy the Cassette Wrench here.