Welcome Sinter Brakes!

Sinter is a European manufacturer of high-performance disc brake pads. With 50 years of experience making pads for karting and moto applications they also produce a full line of bicycle brake pads in-house in their factory located in the capital of Slovenia: Ljubljana. Two compounds are available from Sinter at the moment: Performance and Race. The Performance compound, designated by a black backing plate, is generally regarded as being on-par with what most brake manufacturers offer as their high-performance option. The Race compound, with a green backing plate, exceeds that and has been proven at the World Cup Downhill level. Unior USA currently carries 5 “styles” of pads with more to follow for the more exotic calipers like Hope and Magura. We’re introducing the line to the US market by covering the basics: all current SRAM and Shimano calipers. If there’s a specific caliper you’re looking for that we don’t yet carry, give us a shout and we’ll be sure to bring them in!

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