Pro Kit - 1600PROKIT-US

Product No. 627358

Designed with the help of our partners at Team Sky, the 1600PROKIT is built upon our 970PROKIT case and filled with a carefully considered selection of tools that gives you everything you need for routine maintenance of any modern bicycle, yet doesn't burden you with tools you won't need. With the tools included there's still enough space to customize the kit to your particular needs, though.

The case itself has a hanging pallet with 9 pockets big enough for pliers & side-cutters, or use it for combination wrenches or hex wrenches. A fixed upper pallet with wings offers enough storage for everything else you’ll need: screwdrivers, hexes, pens & markers, and so on. The upper pallet also includes a pouch with a Velcro closure, perfect for keeping your smaller items (spoke wrenches, thread lock, etc.) from getting lost in the depths of the case.

The base of the toolbox has a fixed divider to help keep your tools from bouncing around too much during transport. Each half is big enough to carry everything else you’ll need out on the road: cassette lockring tools, our cassette wrench, a hammer, etc.

The case features double-throw latches that are shielded, so they won’t catch on anything and get torn off or even worse, open up. We’ve also added holes so you can add a lock when traveling, helping keep your tools safe, or a shoulder strap (not included) in case you really decide to load this thing down.

Developed with the best

We designed our Pro Kit with the help of the mechanics at Team INEOS Grenadiers.

The kit includes all the essentials with room to spare so you can customize it to your particular needs.