Emergency Pocket Cassette Lockring Tool with Spoke Wrench - 1669/4

Emergency Pocket Cassette Lockring Tool with Spoke Wrench - 1669/4

Product No. 616758
$10.99 $8.25
  • Allows for field cassette installation/removal
  • Includes plastic frame guard to protect your paint
  • Accomplish with 1 tool what normally requires 3

If you do any sort of bike touring, gravel riding, adventure cycling, back-country mountain biking, enduro, etc. and so on, pay attention. This little tool can save your ride.

You’re pedaling along, enjoying life, hours or days from civilization much less a bike shop. That dreaded “PING!” hits your ears and immediately, without a second thought, your head hangs. “Oh no…” you mutter. That’s right, a broken spoke. And not just any spoke, a rear drive-side spoke.

But you’re prepared! You brought spare spokes. You can fix this. But you’re not likely to get the old spoke out, and certainly not likely to get the new spoke in, with that cassette still mounted to the free hub. But you didn’t bring any cassette tools…

Luckily for you, you’ve got a Unior 1669/4 Emergency Cassette Tool tucked away in your frame bag.

Pull out that wheel, slip the cassette tool against the lock ring, reinstall the wheel, and push the pedals forwards to loosen the cassette lock ring. S-I-M-P-L-E.