Tech Tips

We've seen a thing or two and are happy to share what we've learned.

  • Avoid Seized Parts
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    Winter and sometimes spring are hard on bikes. It’s tough to motivate yourself to give them a good wash after a ride when you’re wet and can’t feel your fingers, so parts often stay wet....

  • How to Save a Bent Mech Hanger
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    It’s a familiar tale; you get in from a great ride, the sun was shining, the wind was always on your back. In his excitement to see you again the beloved family dog knocks your...

  • Creaky bottom bracket? Check these first
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    With winter waning and the joys of spring displacing the bad memories of wet, salty roads you may find that your bike has picked up a few creaks over the darker months. The primary culprit...

  • Chris shares his maintenance tips
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    The best type of bike is a reliable bike. To help you spend more time on the bike and less time walking alongside it we’ve put together a few tips along with a few products...

  • What Bike Tools Do I Need?

    New to cycling? Seasoned rider? We've put together a quick list of bike tools to help you either get started in maintenance or help round out your current collection of tools. Unior offers an amazing...

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