Master Chain Tool - 1647/2BBI

Product No. 628516

The most advanced chain tool in our range, the new Master Chain Tool features a machined body & precisely made spindle threads for smoothness and ease of use. A large handle gives extra leverage and breaks the chain easily.

The Master Chain Tool features a floating chain support for perfect positioning and support of any chain, and it works with all derailleur chains from 6–12-speed. It is compatible with SRAM AXS chain and also works nicely with 1/8˝ single speed chains. We also built in support for peening Campagnolo's 11, 12 and 13-speed chains.

The tool comes with three different interchangeable chain supports; preinstalled is a single link support, available are also a wider double link chain support for extra grip on the chain and a dedicated SRAM AXS FlatTop chain support. A hidden compartment at the in body of the tool features an additional replacement chain pin.

The 1647/2BBI Master Chain Tool features a modular design, allowing for compatibility with future chain types simply by changing the support plate. We include 3 supports with the tool, 2 for standard chains and 1 for SRAM AXS FlatTop chains.

The second standard chain support is this shorter version. If you're a mechanic on the go, the shorter version will pack into your tool case that much easier.

Also included is our SRAM AXS FlatTop compatible chain support. Not everyone will need it, but if you do, it's there.