Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves

Product No. BLK-100


We now carry these as a Unior-branded glove! Simply do a search for "nitrile" and you'll find them! Same glove, new box!

Some shop mechanics swear they'll never work in gloves, that the feel and dexterity aren't there. That's not the case with these. We specifically chose these gloves because they offer a great combination of durability and dexterity. At 6 mil thick they're sturdy enough for the toughest jobs, and their Grip Rite finish ensures a positive grip on whatever it is you're working with. And since they're powder-free they won't leave a mess over your bike, your hands, or your clothes.

Why use gloves? We can think of a few reasons: DOT fluid is horrible for you; cleaning up for lunch is less involved so you can spend more time enjoying your pizza; and your customers probably won't appreciate smudges on their pristine new white bar tape.

Give these a try. We're sure you'll love them. They come as a box of 50 pairs.

NOTE: Some gloves might come in different packaging. They are the exact same glove from the same manufacturer, but supply issues meant we had to take them with different branding.

Why Unior?

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