Bottom Bracket Facing Tool - 1699

Bottom Bracket Facing Tool - 1699

Product No. 626477
$252.99 $189.75
  • Includes BSA guides
  • Ensure bottom bracket faces are parallel to each other
  • Lengthen bearing lifespan by ensuring faces are perpendicular to bottom bracket axis

In the same way that threaded bottom brackets rely on clean threads, they also rely on the shell faces to be perpendicular to the bottom bracket axis to function 100% properly. Our new facing tool helps you accomplish just that.

Frames often aren't prepped perfectly from the factory. Paint overspray or poor alignment during the manufacturing process can leave the faces of the shell out of line, causing the bearings on either side of the bottom bracket to not be aligned to each other. This can create binding in the bottom bracket and excess wear.

Unior's new 1699 Bottom Bracket Facing Tool allows you to machine flat the faces of the bottom bracket shell, helping to promote bearing life and efficiency.

To properly face Italian-threaded bottom brackets you'll need a set of Italian-threaded guides, available separately. The tool comes with BSA guides.