Double Arm Professional Repair Stand - 1693C

Product No. 625017

For busy shops our Double Arm Pro Stands can't be beat. A combined weight of 56.5kg means it's plenty stable for two mechanics to work simultaneously. There is a choice of clamps, either our traditional cam style or our new Pro Shop Clamp. Either will safely hold your bike and provide a stable platform for work. And since the jaw covers are easily replaceable you'll never need to use a rag to keep from scratching a seat post or frame tube.

There's a total capacity of 45kg which means your mechanics can work on even the burliest downhill bikes, yet the easily adjustable clamp pressure (even when closed) means you can also safely work on the lightest hill-climb specials.

When configured with the manually adjustable cam-style clamp you can safely clamp on to tubes 24-40mm in diameter. Upgrading to our Pro Shop Clamp option allows you to secure tubes 22-60mm in diameter.

Why Unior?

At Unior Bike Tools, we prioritize reliability and durability in every tool. Our products are made from top-quality materials, manufactured to the highest standards. From wrenches and pliers to bike repair stands and automotive equipment, our comprehensive range meets all your needs. Our rich heritage and commitment to excellence have made us the trusted companion of professionals and enthusiasts alike.