Electric-assist Work Stand - 1693EL
Electric-assist Work Stand - 1693EL

Electric-assist Workstand - 1693EL

Product No. 628789

Work smarter, not harder.

E-bikes are becoming more and more prevalent. And they're heavy. Lifting them into a traditional work stand can be back breaking work, so we developed this electric-assist repair stand to help save your back and to help you be a faster mechanic.

The stand is constructed in typical Unior fashion:

  • It's smart. Infinite-adjust travel limit switches above and below the clamp automatically stop the motor when the bike reaches your desired height on the way up or down.
  • It's really smart. When lowering the bike to the ground a sensor stops the motor when the bike makes contact.
  • It's strong. Thick steel construction and a heavy duty motor gives the 1693EL a 40kg capacity.
  • It's clean. The wiring and drive mechanism is enclosed keeping them out of harms way. The main power connection comes in from the top so there's nothing to trip over.
  • It's safe. Overload sensors stop the motor when a blockage is detected in either direction of travel.
  • It's easy to use. The stand arrives assembled. No multi-page assembly instruction manual and hours of time required to get to work.
  • It's stable. The optional base plate includes leveling bolts at each corner. Or, if you prefer, the stand can be bolted directly to the floor.

Simply put, we believe the 1693EL is the most advanced bicycle repair stand on the market.

We proudly designed, manufacture, and assemble this stand in Slovenia, Europe.