Unior Event Stand Bike Rack - 1693f, 625500
Unior Event Stand Bike Rack - 1693f, 625500

Event Stand - 1693F

Product No. 625500

Our heritage is exemplified in our 1693F Event Stand. How? Allow me to elaborate...

  • A modular design means if you've only got a couple bikes to hold, you can build it in a shorter (1820mm/71 inches end-to-end) configuration. More bikes? Fit up to 10 with the addition of the extension, stretching it out to 2630mm/103 inches wide.
  • Better design means a higher weight capacity, so you can fit all 10 bikes without the stand sagging. Personally speaking, I weigh in at around 225lbs and this stand will easily hold my entire weight.
  • All of the above at a light weight. Our stand is a relatively svelt 8.2kg in its full size.
  • Easy setup: No tools required.
  • Collapses to a small size with an included carrying bag making transport easy.