Metric Hex Key, Straight-Tip, Short - 220/3

Product No. 607823
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You're in the shop and your next work order is to replace a pair of bottle cages. You reach for your trusty 4mm hex, the small l-bend that fits around the cages so well, and it's gone. Where? Who knows. But it's not there.

Why buy a whole new set? We've made our hex keys (most formats) available individually so you can get just the size(s) you need.

They're made of chrome-vanadium steel and hardened & tempered so they'll last until the shop gnomes steal them again. We nickel plate them for corrosion resistance, and we're the only player in the bike tool game to produce hex wrenches certified to ISO 2936, the international standard for metric hex key sizing. These are, like nearly everything with the Unior name on it, proudly made in Europe.

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