Pro Road Stand - 1693R

Pro Road Stand - 1693R

Product No. 627529
$554.99 $416.25

Co-developed over the last two years with the help of Team Sky, the 1693R Pro Road Stand is the best portable repair stand on the market today, simply put.

At 5.1kg it comes in 600g less (that's 1.3lbs) than comparable stands from other brands yet offers more adjustability

Through the use of an adaptor (sold separately), thru-axle bikes can easily be mounted into the 1693R as well, making it perfect for use with your thru-axle equipped gravel grinder or cross country bike.

The stand has a maximum capacity of 27kg, or 60lbs.

Details on the adjustability of the Unior 1693R
  1. The "cradle" of the 1693R can be moved side to side for optimum weight balance
  2. The mechanic can adjust the tilt of the bike, useful for brake bleeds
  3. The bike can be rotated for easy access to the non-drive side, if necessary
  4. Height adjustability allows a 5'0" mechanic to work as comfortably as a 6'5" mechanic