Pro Shop Clamp - 1693.1Q

Product No. 627095

Our new Pro Shop Clamp fits directly into our shop stands as well as our portable BikeGator repair stands. At only 70mm tall it's 25mm shorter than our traditional clamp making it ideal for use on smaller road bikes or mountain bikes with dropper posts, helping you to avoid clamping on the stanchion.

The attractive brass handle allows you to be more precise when you dial in the clamping pressure (literally!) to help avoid crushing seatposts or frames should you have to clamp on the frame, and it feels a lot better in the hand.

We've also added a quick-release button to help you speed through your work that little bit faster.

With a maximum clamping diameter of 60mm you should be able to grab onto nearly anything that comes through your shop, and it'll safely clamp things as small as 22mm.

Proudly made in Europe.

Why Unior?

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