Sinter Model 023 - Hayes Dominion A4

Sinter Model 023 - Hayes Dominion A4

Product No. 73-023-080-0
$34.99 $26.25
  • Organic disc brake pads - Made in Europe
  • Includes 1 caliper's worth of pads
  • Premium performance - an upgrade for any brake system

Disc Brake Pad Bedding In Instructions

Sinter Brakes manufactures high end, premium brake pads in the heart of Central Europe. Based in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Sinter has been producing brake pads and rotors for a number of markets for 50 years including karting and motorcycle racing.

Four compounds are available - distinguished by the color of the backing plate. Red S514 will outperfom the vast majority of EOM pads with impressive pad life and quiet operation. Black S550, is at a minimum comparable to most brands high-performance compounds. Sinter Green S2032 is an ultra high performance compound that has been proven on the World Cup Downhill circuit. For those who ride e-bikes and heavier bikes or want the longest pads life, the Blue S530is the one for you. Optimised for fade resistance at any temperature and the best longevity.

Red S514 Black S550 Green S2032 Blue S530
Standard formulation Long pad life - for muddy and wet conditions For those who brake late and hard Designed for heavier bikes and prolonged braking
Predicatable all round performance Semi-metallic organic compound Soft compound Fade resistant
Great value Great modulation Silent in use Extra long pad life

The price includes one caliper's worth of pads as well as the pad spring, and everything is delivered in a handy tin perfect for stashing whatever you desire.