Shop Pro Road Stand - 1693RP

Product No. 628353

All the benefits of our original Pro Road Stand but with a 30kg steel base plate making it perfect for shop use. If you see a lot of TT, Tri, or aero-road bikes you understand the complications involved in securing one in a regular workstand. And, let's be honest, a lightweight travel stand does not a shop stand make.

Created at the request of the mechanics of Team INEOS for use inside their service truck the 1693RP features the same height, tilt, fore/aft, and rotation adjust our travel stand does but does so without fear of the stand being out of balance or shifting on you while you work.

  • Height adjustment allows the 5’0″ tall mechanic to be as comfortable while working as the 6’5″ mechanic
  • Fore-Aft adjustment helps to optimize stability when working with different types of bikes or at unusual angles
  • X-axis rotation at the height frees up working space in cramped areas
  • Z-axis rotation at the bike support clamp allows for easy access to both sides of the bike
  • Y-axis rotation at the bike makes it easy for the mechanic to access the underside of the bike, useful when routing cables or working on hidden brakes

Through the use of adapters (sold separately), thru-axle bikes can easily be mounted into the 1693RP as well, making it perfect for use with your thru-axle equipped gravel grinder or cross country bike. The stand has a maximum capacity of 27kg, or 60lbs.

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