Unior Portable Truing Stand - 1688
Unior Portable Truing Stand - 1688

Portable Truing Stand - 1688

Product No. 623060
A more economical version of our Professional Truing Stand, the 1688 Portable Truing Stand is great for those home mechanics or anyone doing event support.


It has the same capacities as our Pro stand, 157mm max hub width, 16-29" wheels, and so on, but in a much lighter and compact size. The stand weighs 2.3kg and like it's bigger sibling accepts our Rotor Truing Gauge to make sure your discs are true.

The lower support leg folds into the base for easy stowage when on the move or for easy mounting into a bench vise.

Pick up a set of our 12mm, 15mm, or 20mm thru axle adaptors (also available for Cannondale Lefty hubs) to have the ultimate in event support.