Unior Adjustable Box Joint Pliers - 447/1VDEBI
Unior Adjustable Box Joint Pliers - 447/1VDEBI

Adjustable Box Joint Pliers - 447/1VDEBI-US

Product No. 611993

Maybe you're in a situation where our parallel-jaw pliers aren't going to work for you and you need something with a bit of a bite. Maybe you're facing a rounded-off nut or bolt. Or, maybe, you're simply trying to grab onto something cylindrical such as a stuck seatpost. Enter our 447/1 Adjustable Box-Joint Pliers. They operate in the same way as our 449/1 PYTHON pliers, but have a different jaw for those times where brute force is called for.

240mm of drop-forged chrome-vanadium steel with a 7-position jaw allows grabbing onto anything up to 35mm in diameter.