Bent Long Needle Nose Pliers - 512/1VDEBI

Product No. 610438

Needle nose pliers are incredibly handy but there are still times where they can't quite get to what you're trying to grab. Let's say you're threading a shift wire through a frame and it's just not quite making it to the exit hole. Let's say that the frame designer oriented that hole in such a way that you can't get a straight pair of pliers at the hole. Enter the bent-tip pliers. With the tip of the pliers bent at 45 degrees to the handle, your options are much more varied for getting at those hard to reach bits and pieces.

Dual density handles feel great in the hand, and the drop forged & heat treated construction means these should be the last pair you'll ever need to buy.

These pliers include a side cutter for trimming and a serrated pipe grip for a little extra bite when working with round materials.

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