Chain Wear Indicator - 1644/6

Product No. 629344

The perfect tool to keep your bike's drivetrain in top condition. Made from precision, laser-cut steel, this indicator precisely measures chain wear at levels where chain manufacturers commonly suggest replacing the chain (0.5% and 0.75%). The three-point tool design isolates pin wear from roller wear, ensuring accurate results. Use the QR code to watch the instruction video. It works on all 6-13 speed chains, including SRAM flat top chains. As a general rule, 11-13 speed chains should be replaced before or at 0.5% wear, while 6-10 speed chains should be replaced before or at 0.75% wear.

  • Staying on top of chain wear is important as a worn chain can cause poor shifting and wear out other drivetrain components.
  • Made from precision, laser cut steel.
  • Precisely measures 0.5% and 0.75% chain wear – wear levels where chain manufacturers most commonly suggest replacing the chain.
  • Three point tool design isolates pin wear from roller wear
  • Features QR code with video usage instructions
  • Works on all 6 -13 speed chains, including Sram flat top chains.
  • Refer to chain manufacturer replacement instructions.
  • General rule for replacing the chain.
  • 11 – 13 speed chains – replace before or at 0.5% wear
  • 6 – 10 speed chains – replace at before or at 0.75% wear

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