Chainring Nut Wrench - 1668/2

Product No. 618415
$5.99 $4.50

Anyone that's been in cycling for any length of time knows how much of a pain it can be to change chainrings. Sometimes we get lucky and when we apply torque to the chainring bolt the nut holds fast and the bolt breaks free (or tightens) easily. Other times, most of the time it seems, we're not so lucky and when we start spinning that hex key the chainring nut spins along with it.

Enter the 1668/2 chainring nut wrench. It may not look like more than a piece of bent steel, but if you've ever found yourself racking your brain for a way to keep that nut from spinning, you'll appreciate just how useful this is.

For good measure we included a 10mm hex driver in the body of the wrench because why not? It also doubles as a hanging hole.

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