Crank Puller for Splined and Square Taper - 1661/4

Product No. 615529

Square taper cranks are not dead. ISIS cranks are, for better or worse, making a comeback. If you haven't got one already, you'll need a tool to pull those cranks from the bottom bracket spindles.

Enter our 1661/4 Crank Puller. We make it from drop forged, hardened, and tempered steel for a long life. It works with either square taper cranks or splined cranks like ISIS and Octalink with the included adapter.

The tool includes a 14mm socket on one end for removing crank bolts with a 14mm hex head. The wrench flats on the tool for both installing the tool to the crank arm and pulling the crank both take a 17mm open-end wrench. If desired, you can operate the puller with a 14mm hex in the same socket used for removing the crank bolts, or you can also use an adjustable wrench in place of the 17mm open-end wrench.

If the crank threads are damaged take a look at our other crank puller tool, the 1662/4, which has tapered threads to help the tool grab the crank a little bit better.

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